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Questions & Answers

Would you like to know more about Aegeri Farbig?


I cannot knit or crochet. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. You can either make pompoms and/or weave a mandola. Or you can learn to knit or crochet from one of our experienced participants at one of our Café Meetups or we can arrange individual sessions. 

Or here is a helpful video tutorial 


Do you have to live in Ägeri to participate?

Anyone is welcome to join. People from Aegerital, Canton Zug or further away. Aegeri Farbig 2021 received knitted/crocheted items from England, the Netherlands and even Australia. We hope to get contributions from many different villages, cantons and countries.


Are the trees in any danger of being damaged?

We have consulted the local Mayinger Gärten company, who agrees with the many experiences of yarn bombing around the world, that the yarn will not damage the trees. We will be careful during the installation not to harm the bark. Aegeri Farbig 2021 did not damage any of the trees. 


Where did yarn bombing start?

Perhaps the start of yarn bombing was in 2005 when Magda Sayeg in Houston, USA, knitted a wool cover for her shop’s door handle. Since then, Magda has been making big “cozies” for buses, caravans, trees and yoga balls. 


Where can I drop off my finished creations?

You can drop them off at:

  • Ägeribad, Oberägeri
  • Kostbar, Zugerbergstrasse2, Unterägeri
  • Schönwart 14, Unterägeri

Alternatively, we will collect items from your mailbox – just let us know your address.


What will happen to all the yarn at the end of the project?

The yarn creations will be washed and dried after they have been taken down. The items will be recycled into new items and find new homes.


What yarn can be used?

We will use any yarn, but will prioritise the use of left over yarn and donated yarn. Acrylic yarn will dry faster, stays in better form and seems to fade less over time then cotton and wool. However, any yarn can be used.


When can I start?

As soon as you register by filling in the form, you can begin your square, mandala, jacket and/or pompom.