About the organisers

Fiona Barbagallo and Ynke Feenstra are neighbours who share a love of colour and crafts. Ynke loves to crochet and Fiona enjoys being creative. Together they started Aegeri Farbig  – a yarn bombing project to bring some colour and fun to their community.

Their idea grew from a small yarn bombing project in their own street in Unterägeri, Switzerland, during the first COVID lockdown in 2020. And after coordinating over 40 women to make a 60-square birthday blanket for a friend, Fiona and Ynke saw the potential to try yarn bombing on a bigger scale. 

So Aegeri Farbig 2021 was started and over 300 people – of different ages, nationalities, and stitching abilities – participated in their first community art project in Unteraegeri in spring 2021. 

Ynke and Fiona had not worked together before, in fact they had only been neighbours for two years when they started Aegeri Farbig. Ynke’s background in entrepreneurship, project management and strategic communication, and Fiona’s experience in science communication and public participation programs provided a strong skill base to bring people together and create Aegeri Farbig. 

Both being foreigners in a Swiss community, Ynke (Dutch) and Fiona (Australian) wanted anyone to be able to join their projects. Therefore all Aegeri Farbig communication is in English and German. This led to a fun mix of languages, for example, in the Whatsapp Group with all the participants.

Fiona and Ynke