Where can I drop off my finished creations?

You can drop them off to:

  • Pete’s Place (take away only) Open 10am to 3pm every day except Tues and Sun.Zugerstrassee 20, Unterägeri (near the Zentrum Bus Stop outside the Coop Building)
  • Höfnerstrasse 16, Unterägeri (residential apartment block) There is a box behind the entrance door
  • Schönwart 12, Unterägeri

Alternatively we will collect items from your mailbox on the following collection dates (just let us know your address):

  • Monday 18 January
  • Mon 1 February
  • Mon 15 February
  • Mon 1 March
  • Mon 15 March (the final day).

Do you need to know how to knit or crochet to join?

Absolutely not! This project is open to anyone who wants to create. We hope to organise meetings/workshops to help beginners, depending on the current COVID situation.

Here is a helpful video tutorial.

Do you have to live in Ägeri to participate?

Anyone is welcome to join.

What will happen to all the yarn at the end of the project?

The yarn creations will be taken down after 6-8 weeks. It is hoped that a home will be found for the used yarn eg blankets for animal shelters. Potential options are currently being investigated.

Are the trees in any danger of being damaged?

We have consulted the local Mayinger Gärten company, who agrees with the many experiences of yarn bombing around the world, that the yarn will not damage the trees. We will be careful during the installation not to harm the bark.

What yarn can be used?

We will use any yarn, but will prioritise the use of left over yarn and donated yarn. New yarn will be bought as much as possible from small local shops eg in Oberägeri.

We recommend two stores where you can buy your yarn:

  • Frau Kuhn, Hauptstrasse 34, Oberägeri
    • opening times T, W, T, F 13.30-17.00
  • Wolle & Baby, Dorfstrasse 29, Baar
    • opening times T, W, T, F 9.00-12.00 and 13.30-18.30; Sat 9.00-13.00
    • You will receive a 10% discount at Wolle & Baby if you mention AEGERI FARBIG