Join our knit and crochet Meetups – at Kostbar, Unteraegeri and Uszyt in Oberägeri! 

Kostbar and  Uszyt become a knitters/crocheters only location! Bring your needles and yarn, have a coffee, learn about the next AEGERI FARBIG projects and be inspired.

KOSTBAR, Zugerbergstrasse 2, Unterägeri
Tuesdays mornings (once a month) 9-11:30
Dates: 21 September, 19 October, 16 November 2021

USZYT, Raindliweg 3, Oberägeri
Wednesday evenings (once a month) 6.45-9.45 pm
Dates: 3 November, 1 December, 5 January, 2 February and 2 March