Aegeri on Ice

Aegeri on Ice has asked Aegeri Farbig to decorate the big tree near the ice rink. Can you help us make 3D red hearts to hang as decorations on the tree? 


  • 3D Hearts (Amigurumi) – stuffed slightly with filling, so it is not too heavy
  • Minimum 8cm high/wide, Maximum 40cm high/wide
  • Red is the colour, with small details in white. No other colours please
  • Start now and complete by 15 November. Finished hearts can be dropped off to Schönwart 14 or at Kostbar


Red wool, needles and filling is supplied by AEGERI FARBIG which you can continuously pick up from at Schönwart 14, Unterägeri and at Kostbar.

Join us a the AF Meetups at:

  • Kostbar, Unteraegeri – 9.00-11:30 am, 19 October and 16 November
  • Kafi Uszyt, Oberägeri: 7:00 – 9.30 pm – 3 November, 1 December, 5 January, 2 February and 2 March


Several patterns can be found on the Internet (Pinterest, Youtube, etc). A few examples are below. But please feel free to use any other pattern that you like. 

Simple Heart crochet pattern

Granny heart crochet pattern

Crochet heart

Knitted heart